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We break up, but life goes on...


I know I could have cried,
But nobody died,
And I'm sorry I've been such a waster of your time.
I touch my fingers to your cheek,
I kiss your side while you are sleeping,
And I wonder how life got so complicated.

Don't be mad at me babe.
Don't expect me to be safe.
Because I'm bound to disappoint you.

Bless you.
D'youknowwhatImean typekindofthing ?
Basically I believe that I need to be free.
And I could be wrong but I think I'm right,
I think if I believe I might,
I might not,
But at least I won't wonder.


from I'll Tear My Own Walls Down, released February 23, 2007
Drums, Andy Clarke. Everything else, Bill Coleman & Steve Fanagan.




Bill Coleman Ireland

Makes music with a laptop, a guitar and a pile of live-recorded loops. Reminds people of Eels, Flaming Lips, Talking Heads...

Spent 2011 writing and recording a song a week - check out the "Throwing S**t at a Wall" album.

Currently working on his third studio album.
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