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This tune is about a 9 month old baby boy who thinks he is a super hero! They probably all do at that age.

We had friends visiting earlier in the week with their new sprog, Max. He even has a blog. Precocious or what…

I had a lot of fun doing this one, I think possibly because I didn’t think too much about it. The ‘karate chop’ vocalisms might be a bit too much, but I had to work so hard at not giggling when I was doing them that it’d be a shame to cut them now.

Also, I don’t know how I managed it, but this is the very first TS@aW that has an electric guitar in it. I’m guessing this is probably because I discovered ukulele in week #3 and that took over a good bit.

Interestingly, this one started out on uke, but I realised on Friday that the key was WAAAYY too high to sing properly so I’d to re-track everything, which, m’lud, is why it’s so late…


My name is Max,
I am 9 months old,
I am a super hero!
Max is my name,
But you can call me
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)

I know I am a super hero,
Cos I can play piano with my toes,
I am…

Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)

I’m really good,
At swinging on swings,
Until I giggle!
I have two teeth,
So watch out!
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)

I know I am a super hero,
Cos my parents think I can do anything.
I am…

Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)

And all the ladies love,
My blue eyes,
And my long eyelashes!

They all love me,
So watch out!
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano).

I know I am a super hero,
Cos when I bat my lashes everyone goes “Ahhh”
I am…

Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)
Maximiliano! (Maximiliano)


from Throwing S​*​*​t at a Wall, released January 1, 2011
Everything by Bill.




Bill Coleman Ireland

Makes music with a laptop, a guitar and a pile of live-recorded loops. Reminds people of Eels, Flaming Lips, Talking Heads...

Spent 2011 writing and recording a song a week - check out the "Throwing S**t at a Wall" album.

Currently working on his third studio album.
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